Is Your Software Engineering Team
Designed Correctly?

Interactive Whitepaper on Global Tech Team Design

What running India’s leading tech recruitment platform has taught us about building software teams  - for both startups and enterprises.

In this whitepaper we’ll analyze:

  • Different methods of accessing global talent.
  • Best practices for coordinating your headquarters with global teams.
  • How to build a recruitment pipeline to consistently onboard grade-A players.
  • How to emulate the globalized engineering processes of the Fortune 500, but better.

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Global Team Design

Companies are competing across borders to search for genius. How global is your company’s tech workforce?

Total Team Size

What’s the size of your entire tech team, including all positions at HQ and around the world?

Globalization Methods

What’s your main channel for harnessing overseas talent?

Globalization Percentage

What percentage of your total tech team is international?

Outrun domestic competitors

with global tech offices.